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"After spending a year and a half with a different foot Dr. with numerous warts and also having undergone laser treatment on them as well, it was to no avail as only some went away and yet more came back and really no improvement, yet loads of pain with all the treatments that were done.

THEN I decided to switch to a different Dr.....That is where Dr. Joseph DiPrima comes in and yes I found him in the phone book..wanted someone here in Greece NY.  
I immediately noticed that the treatments he did were not as painful and they where much more effective in only 4 months of seeing him. on top of that he is a VERY PERSONABLE Dr. who listened to me and takes the time to tell you all about your issue and how he is going to take care of it. Now that type of Dr. in any filed is hard to find today.

I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone out there that has issues with your feet in any way shape or form!! I have had in a quarter of the time a 500% improvement and fully feel that this Dr. will have these warts all "on the run" (as the Dr. says) and gone in just a few more months of treatment!!"
-Kudo's Doc and a BIG THANKS, Steve W.
"I have been going to Dr. DiPrima for the treatment of Plantar Fascitis for about two years. He is absolutely wonderful. He treats his patients with respect, will answer any questions you have, explains each and every thing he is going to do, and he has a very pleasant and professional manner. He is meticulous in trying every option to eradicate the pain and discomfort and restore his patient's life to the way it was prior to their needing his expertise. The process may seem long, but he will try every option before resorting to surgery. His belief is that it is better to see if relief can be obtained via a non-invasive means. In most cases, he will find a non-surgical solution. I was one of the few for whom he could not find a solution outside of surgery, but he explored all options beforehand which is why it took a few months. He will always start with the least expensive options first which is another thing I appreciated about him.

I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing foot pain of any kind. He is thorough and knows his stuff. If he can't help, I don't know if anyone can."
Take care,
Ellen Gunn
"Dr. DiPrima is one of the most professional and caring doctors I have ever had. He was able to cure my toe injury on my first appointment which allowed me to get back on the basketball court within a week. Anyone seeking a podiatrist in the Rochester area should start with Dr. DiPrima."
Dr. DiPrima is wonderful. He takes the time to listen to his patients, and has a great personality. After seeing my primary physician for over 6 months for my plantar fasciitis, I went to see him in extreme pain. After 2 visits with Dr. DiPrima I finally have no pain.
"Originally diagnosed with heel spurs in both feet, (from another podiatry office), I was fitted with custom ortotics to solve that
problem. While the orthotics did resolve the heel spur pain, they also caused chronic pain to other areas of my feet. Not happy with my follow-up visits, I asked my pcp for a referral to another podiatrist and I was refered to Dr Diprima. I could not have been more pleased with the results I have received from his work. Through consultations and adjustments made to my orthotics, I now have no pain what-so-ever. I did not think this possible from my previous doctor. He was very
professional & thorough making sure everything was adjusted just right. As I said, I could not be more pleased with my pain-freeresults! Thank you Dr Diprima!"
"2012 was the year of the foot problems for me! With Dr. DiPrima’s professionalism, knowledge, and positive support, I am now happy to say that I am back to my daily mall walks. Thanks so much!"
-Sandy S.
"I have never been particularly proud of my feet, and that was exacerbated when I realized that I had the beginnings of a toenail fungus. I just ignored the situation by painting my toenails and hoping no one would notice. My love for sandals and flip-flops had to go on hold so that I could cover my disgraceful toes. I finally asked my doctor about it when all my toenails were almost completely covered. She promptly sent me to Dr. DiPrima, and I couldn’t have been happier. My embarrassment set back in when he took a look, but he knew exactly how to treat my toenails effectively and quickly. He had my health and well-being in mind while making the choice to give me prescription medication. The medication, along with regular visits to Dr. DiPrima did wonders just in time for the next sandal season! Thank you so much Dr. I am proud to show off my feet thanks to you!"
"I was in terrible pain when I sought the help of a podiatrist. Not knowing who to go to, I went online and typed in “good podiatrist in Rochester.” Dr. DiPrima’s name was the first to come up in the list and as I reviewed his credentials, I knew I wanted to go to him. Now, a couple of months later, I’m so glad that I did! Dr. DiPrima is kind, respectful, personable and a great doctor. He listened to me, asked good questions and prescribed a course of treatment that really helped me. Not only am I pain-free, but I'm up, walking and feel as if I have my life back! His office assistant, Debbie, is great too. Very professional, warm, and welcoming. I would certainly recommend Dr. DiPrima to you!"

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